Wowee!  My old friends published a mention of my book, along with a mini-interview, in this week’s Happytown column!

Here’s the relevant portion:

Not a day goes by in which someone doesn’t ask, “Hey, Happytown™, whatever happened to that Ask Ian the I.T. Guy? He sure had a nice ponytail.” In an effort to satiate Orlando’s thirst for information on our former I.T. guru and columnist, Ian Monroe, we tracked down the man himself and found him with a newly minted degree from the Medill School of Journalism in Chicago and, more exciting still, a new book! It’s called The ____ of _____ by Means of Natural _____, which probably needs a tiny bit of explanation.

See, Monroe, ever the intellectual prankster, “cleaned up” Charles Darwin’s masterwork, The Origin of the Species by Means of Natural Selection, for evangelical Christians by redacting every word in Darwin’s book not also found in the Bible. Now even Baptists can read about evolution without risking their immortal soul! Thanks Ian!

Here’s our tiny little interview with Monroe. For more information on the book check his website at

Happytown™: Aren’t you making fun of Jesus and thus risking eternal damnation?

Monroe: On the contrary, Jesus is never mentioned in the Origin of Species.  If he were, I assure you, he would retain his rightful place as lord of lords within my King James Version as well.

Happytown™: Is it possible to still glean important concepts from Darwin’s work after running it through your Jesus sieve?

Monroe: Not really, no.  It’s pretty unreadable.  However, I did learn some interesting things about the Bible while I was working on it. For instance, did you know that unicorns are mentioned in the Bible twice? That makes them more real than the entire continent of South America, which didn’t even appear once.

Happytown™Are you planning to do the same for other great works of science?

Monroe: Darwin was particularly well-suited to analysis through a biblically correct lens; I imagine that most modern science would yield even more redactions.  However, I invite readers to “correct” their own texts with the interactive Bible masher on my website,

So, the Bibleizer doesn’t work at the moment … terribly sorry about that.  I’ll have it working tonight, though, so stay tuned.  (I’ll update this post when it works.)

So it’s now been a couple of days since I’ve started promoting The _____ of _____ by Means of Natural _____, and so far the response and feedback has been great!

But it’s not just secularists that are curious.  Christians like it too!

Wow.  I love it!


Audiobook version coming soon.

I’m happy to announce today that I’ve released my first book. It’s called The _____ of _____ By Means of Natural _____ or the _____ of Favoured _____ In the Struggle For Life: King James Version.

I also set up a separate page for it on this site, so that I’d have a nice little landing page for it.

Basically, I wrote a PHP script that took Charles Darwin’s The Origin of Species, and I had the script redact every word from Darwin which does not appear in the King James bible.

The resulting work is an amusing objet ‘d art. I think it says something about fundamentalism and language.  I also hope it says something about the absurdity of creationism, and the importance of science in how we understand the world.

It’s available now as a 204-page, perfect bound trade paperback.  A bargain, at a mere $13.25.

After the jump, the text of the press release I’ve been spreading around.

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Via @hrheingold:

Douglas Rushkoff, media theorist, author, documentarian, will be releasing his new book, Life, Inc.: How the World Became a Corporation and How to Take It Back on June 2nd.

In this video, the author of Ecstasy Club, Coercion, and others talks about the new book.

It’s available for pre-order on Amazon.

Famous philosopher David Chalmers has announced the public availability of, a huge online repository of philosophical journals and resources from all over the web.  New issues of more than 200 journals, on a huge variety of subjects.

Browse around through their categories and see what I mean!

Found via PhilosophyNow, via monochrom.

I caught a cold. It even came with a minor ear infection.  So I’ve been popping the amoxicillin and OTC cold remedies.  Bummer.

I saw Watchmen. I liked it.  It got a bum rap from the fanboys (and critics), but then again, how could it not?  Some of the reviews have said that it was too “reverent” towards it’s source material, but I thought that translated into a unique tone through the movie.  Plus, at almost three hours, it was a good entertainment bargain.

It's dark, but this was at the beginning of the show.

I saw Ratatat. Man, what a good band.  I can’t believe that this was the first time that I got to see them, but it was.  As it happens, the show was sold out, and I was worried about getting in.  But Mr. Baptiste was on their tour crew, and he and I used to trade stacks back and forth at the infamous games of the Armenian Poker Cartel, so he got me on the list and into the show. Thanks sir!!

The openers were interesting, too.  I particularly liked Despot, a rapper on Def Jux.  His set was a little drunk and disorderly, but he had a good flow.

Ratatat music video:

I read a horror book. The Descent, by Jeff Long.  No, it’s not the inspiration for the movie that came out a few years ago, but there are a lot of the same elements.  They both focus on monsterous homonids that live in deep caves.  But the movie was just that and nothing more, while the book gets a bit more lavish, postulating an incredibly vast underworld existing deep within the earth and providing an environment for an alternate evolution of creatures decended from Homo Erectus.  These creatures and the underworld they inhabit give rise to the traditional notions of “hell” and “demons”.  It wasn’t a perfect book, but I liked it.  It was certainly ambitious.  I understand there’s a sequel, and if I happen upon it, I’ll probably give it a read.  Or maybe not.

Casino floor at the Horseshoe, just outside the poker room.

Casino floor at the Horseshoe, just outside the poker room.

I went to the Horseshoe Casino, just south of Chicago, in Hammond, Indiana.  At last!  A real, live, full-blown casino, instead of a crappy dog track or indian joint with no table games and bullshit slots.  The Horseshoe was pretty nice, actually.  Got myself into a $1-2 no-limit hold ’em game for a reasonably paced seven-hour session.  Walked away about $250 up, too.  That’s a rate of almost $36/hour, which is adequate.

Oh, and I got a haircut. First time I’ve had short hair since I was 12 years old.