Songs I liked, July 2020

New month, new playlist. Songs which caught my attention in July 2020. Highlights include:– a new single from Squarepusher– a super-sassy song from the Koreatown Oddity– a re-released Prince track from 1979– a 15-min long Tool track. Aren’t they all.– a brand new remix from Tycho, with a distinctly Japanese vibe. 43 songs (wow!), 3 … Read more

Songs I liked, May 2020

It’s been a while since I updated the site with new music you might like. But I recently found an IFTTT automation which will create monthly playlists for me effortlessly, so I’ll try to be a bit more dilligent about getting them posted here in a timely manner. So then, without further ado, my May … Read more

Songs I liked, Mar. 2019

Here’s the second in my series of monthly Spotify playlists with songs that caught my attention for one reason or another the month before. Highlights this month: An extended block of dark synthwave (Gost, Perturbator, Daniel Deluxe) A decent Yelawolf track Quite a bit of lo-fi hip hop instrumentals A couple of new songs from … Read more

Songs I liked, Feb. 2019

Here’s a Spotify playlist of songs that caught my attention in February of 2019. Notable features: New track from Download, and a beautiful song by Phil Western, who unfortunately passed away in February. A new song from Amon Tobin An extended jaunt through the soundtrack of the show Letterkenny, which yielded a surprisingly rich vein … Read more

Live paintings: one of the things I love about the internet

Lately, one of my favorite things to do is to check out art demo videos on the internet. It’s always fascinating to watch someone who’s an expert at something do their thing in real time, particularly in creative pursuits. Often, when a person encounters a work of art, it’s in the context of a final, … Read more

You really should install Signal on your phone. Seriously.

Do this: Right now, take out your smartphone (presuming you use one that runs iOS or Android.)  Go to your app store of choice (or just follow this link) and install an app called Signal.  It’s free.  It costs you nothing.  But one day, it may help you in ways you cannot yet foresee. Signal is … Read more

I watched “God’s Not Dead”, so you don’t have to. No, seriously, you really don’t have to.

I’m about 400 pages deep into a book about rationality and improving your cognitive functionality, so I figured, what the heck, let’s look at what contemporary christians think are their most convincing arguments. Also, I was out of horror movies to watch, and I had a few drinks in me. So the story is essentially … Read more

How I Taught My Computer to Write Its Own Music – Issue 21: Information – Nautilus

Good stuff. On a warm day in April 2013, I was sitting in a friend’s kitchen in Paris, trying to engineer serendipity. I was trying to get my… Click here for the full article Posted from Facebook

Cannibal Ox – “Iron Rose” (feat. MF Doom)

New Cannibal Ox track from their upcoming “Blade of the Ronin” album. Featuring MF DOOM, too. Pretty good, I have to say! Purchase “Blade of the Ronin” on iTunes Now: As Vast Aire and Vordul Mega, collectively known as Cannibal Ox, prepare for the release of their highly-anticipated sophomore alb Click here for … Read more