Is it cannibalism?

You know, life is full of tough questions. What’s the right way to live?  Should I quit my job?  Am I ready to get married?  What will I do if I get cancer? Sometimes, these questions have easy answers.  But sometimes, the answers aren’t so clear. One question that I believe has a lot of … Read more

Try the Bibleizer! Convert your text to 100% Biblical truth!

Well, it only took me 12 months, but I have finally finished the Bibleizer script. It takes arbitrary text as input, and censors every word which doesn’t appear in the King James version of the Holy Bible. Try it yourself now!  Click here!

Oliver Sacks talks about what hallucination tells us about the brain

It’s windy today, and cold.  Well, not as much as it will be soon, but there’s a notable fall chill.  It feels like a learning kind of day.  In fact, I have my first arts reporting class tonight, and I’ve been reading about obituaries all day. And while drinking coffee at my desk, I came … Read more

Windows 7 upgrade path — if you use XP, you must wipe and reload.

Oh, man.  This is a really, really bad idea from Microsoft.  On the other hand, it’s going to mean some easy money for me.  Let me remind you, my friend, that my computer-fixin’ rates are quite reasonable. “…Windows XP users, including the millions who have recently snapped up cheap, XP-powered netbooks, will first have to … Read more

Two Fingers – Amon Tobin side project

Two Fingers = Amon Tobin and Doubleclick. Self-titled album available from Big Dada ( a Ninja Tune spin-off). Here’s their Myspace page for some free samples. You’re welcome.

YouTube – Feynman: Ways of thinking (Part One of Two)

This came my way via mental_floss, which has a bunch of videos of Richard Feynman explaining things. I like it a lot. via YouTube – Feynman: Ways of thinking (Part One of Two).

North Carolina: Unknown life form found in sewer. [VIDEO]

Holy hell!  What the heck is this thing? I’ll tell you what it is; John Carpenter’s The Thing! North Carolina: Unknown life form found in sewer. [VIDEO].

Man, I’ve been slacking on the blog.

Sorry, everyone. Things got kind of busy there; relaxing, but busy. During the break, Lesley Massey and I got to hang out in Chicago, and we went around and had a grand old time. Then, almost immediately thereafter, quarter 3 started up.  I have a feeling that I’m through the hardest parts at Medill, and … Read more

What a weird birthday this year.

So today is my 34th birthday. Woo hoo! One step closer to the grave. It’s also the first time in my life that I’ve had to wear a coat outside because of the cold in June (!). Last year, my best present was from my sister, who gave me my very first human skull. Well, … Read more