Try the Bibleizer! Convert your text to 100% Biblical truth!

Well, it only took me 12 months, but I have finally finished the Bibleizer script. It takes arbitrary text as input, and censors every word which doesn’t appear in the King James version of the Holy Bible. Try it yourself now!  Click here!

An open letter to the Texas State Board of Education

Hey there, Texas State Board of Eduction.  It’s come to my attention that you’re concerned about the textbooks that your children are being taught from; specifically, you’re concerned they might demonstrate favoritism towards the religion of Islam, while vilifying the Christian faith. In fact, I hear you’re so concerned, you’ve got a resolution awaiting consideration … Read more

Response to the book so far

So it’s now been a couple of days since I’ve started promoting The _____ of _____ by Means of Natural _____, and so far the response and feedback has been great! R.U. Sirius mentioned it on the h+ website, which is AWESOME! posted about it. And republished the press release verbatim.  :-) But … Read more

Fancy-style book learnin’

Famous philosopher David Chalmers has announced the public availability of, a huge online repository of philosophical journals and resources from all over the web.  New issues of more than 200 journals, on a huge variety of subjects. Browse around through their categories and see what I mean! Found via PhilosophyNow, via monochrom.