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Things I currently think are pretty great, March 2017

Five things I think are currently awesome. Microsoft Surface Pro 4.  It is the most generally useful computer I’ve ever owned.  Particularly if you are interested in making graphical works. For years and years I’ve dreamed of having a computer that I can draw on, and the Surface Pro is that machine.  I’ve been having … Read more

There was a satanic ritual abuse scare in my neighborhood back in the ’80s

Back in 1984, in Rogers Park, Chicago, there existed (and still exists today) a Jewish preschool on Touhy Avenue, the street where I currently live. It happened that a woman was picking her four-year-old daughter from school, and as they were walking through the hall, a janitor tried to tickle the little girl, and the … Read more

Instant Closeness: software for generating interpersonal closeness between strangers

In the January 9th New York Times Fashion & Style section, there was a charming article by Mandy Len Catron called “To Fall in Love With Anyone, Do This“.  In it, she talks about some research published back in 1997, in which professor of psychology Arthur Aron and his co-authors describe a method for inducing … Read more

When Nerds Collide

“Many geeks can tell you stories of how they and a few like-minded companions formed a small community that achieved something great, only to have it taken over by popular loudmouths who considered that greatness theirs by right of social station and kicked the geeks out by enforcing weirdo-hostile social norms. (Consider how many hackerspaces … Read more

The deadliest lake in the world suffocated 1,746 people in their beds

Fascinating! The lake’s water – turned from clear blue to a deep red by iron churned up from its bottom – became a symbol of the event’s violence. Click here for the full article Posted from Facebook

Another year down.

Another year has come and gone. Let’s see, what did I manage to accomplish over the course of my 38th year? I learned some magic tricks. I bought a new car. I learned how to pick locks. I built a pretty respectable horror movie collection. I dabbled with digital painting. I survived the worst winter … Read more

Punishment in the Afterlife: an Eastern Turki Manuscript

Images of Sufi hell. Fascinating collection of some newly-translated fragments of a 19th c. manuscript, regarding the fate of sinners after their deaths. Click here for the full article Posted from Facebook