God Got Feeling Too.

Yesterday, after work, I returned to my car, which was parked in a garage on the north side of Chicago. Waiting to greet me on my windshield was the missive below, printed on a single sheet of paper. Personally, I don’t know what I think is worse — the politics, the grammar, or the assumption … Read more

Amon Tobin – ISAM live, in HD

So I was browsing around, trying to find footage to convince a couple of friends to come with me to see Amon Tobin play live here in Chicago in a couple of weeks, and what should I find, but this beautiful HD version of the live show, with excellent audio to boot. Sit back for … Read more

Thoughts on the anti-NATO rally in Chicago today

I went down to Grant Park for the Coalition Against NATO/G8 rally at noon today, and I took a bunch of pictures, but I didn’t stick around for the whole march.  As I write this, there’s still folks being herded around downtown by cops in riot gear, and Twitter is blowing up with “they’re putting … Read more

Why I’m never going to buy a Groupon

Does this look like good business to you? Photo via Techcrunch

A couple of evenings ago, I went to a little spot around the corner from my house, here in the far north side of Chicago.  It’s a friendly little place, and I like it quite a bit — their prices are fair, their food is decent, and some of the folks on staff recognize me and say ‘hi’ when I come in.  What’s even better is that they have a nice selection of microbrews, scotches, and even some really rare stuff from time to time.

So, I’m sitting at the bar, enjoying a burger and a Guinness, and a fellow comes in and stands next to me while he collects his order from the bartender.  He’d ordered a to-go order of some sort of food, and I noticed he was using a Groupon to help pay for it.

“So,” I asked the bartender, “what are your thoughts on the whole Groupon thing?”

The bartender surprised me with his reply.  “It may well put us out of business,” he said.

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Snowpocalypse Now

The Groundhog’s Day Blizzard of 2011, in Chicago. Mostly in Rogers Park.

I get to knock ‘blizzard’ off my list of disasters

Tonight, it’s “Snowpocalypse” in Chicago.  The Great Blizzard of 2011 means I get to cross one more disaster I’ve survived off my list. House Fire Flood Hurricane Forest Fire Tornado Blizzard Volcano Earthquake Tsunami Those last three are going to be tricky, but I think if I play my cards right, I’ll be able to … Read more

Powers of Ten

This video is great. I particularly love it that it zeros out in Chicago, just south of the Loop, by Lake Michigan. Full-screen this baby, and sit back and enjoy.

Sailboats coming in from the lake.

You can tell that winter is coming soon, as evidenced by all the sailboats coming down the Chicago river today, headed for milder climes until the spring thaw. On a related note, downtown drawbridges are in use today, so traffic beware.

Chicago homicide/ethnicity map mashup

So, this is kind of interesting. I noticed a story on Utne Reader about some great visualizations that a gentleman named Eric Fischer made, using demographic information from the 2000 Census to map out which ethnicities lived where, to demonstrate the kind of de facto segregation that still happens in cities in the US. That, … Read more

Chicago-area horror movie screenings in October

See, folks, this is why October in Chicago is so great. Just look at this list!  So many horror movies!  So little time! Oct. 1 Chain Letter, wide release Let Me In, wide release Case 39, wide release Hatchet II, wide release 13 Ghosts, Facets Cinematheque Ed Gein, The Musical, Music Box Oct. 2 Satanico … Read more