Live paintings: one of the things I love about the internet

Lately, one of my favorite things to do is to check out art demo videos on the internet. It’s always fascinating to watch someone who’s an expert at something do their thing in real time, particularly in creative pursuits. Often, when a person encounters a work of art, it’s in the context of a final, … Read more

Jux TV | Real-time Face Tracking & Projection Mapping

Oh, man, I wish there was some kind of portable rig for this kind of thing. So interesting. We have featured Nobumichi Asai’s real-time face tracking an projection mapping in the past. Asai and his team are back with yet another fascinating video. Mapping a highly detailed projection on to any surface can be a … Read more

The 3rd Biennial Taxidermy Group Art Show and Demo at La Luz De Jesus Gallery in Los Angeles

If I were in Los Angeles, I’d go to this. < snip > Arctic Merfox by Emi Slade The 3rd Biennial Taxidermy Show is a group art show at the La Luz De Jesus gallery in Los Angeles featuring unique taxidermied pieces of artwork. The show opens today Fri… < /snip > Click here for … Read more

There’s nerdy girls stripping at this art gallery. <3

from Facebook via IFTTT

Everything looks better in time lapse mode.

A beautiful video featuring a whole bunch of great time-lapse footage from around the world, via reddit.   Natural Phenomena – VideoSapien from Reid Gower on Vimeo.

The map room

Here we see maps hung in the preview room before our rare books and manuscripts auction. Nice display, eh?

Creative destruction

I recently acquired two small oil paintings in an auction. I paid very little for them. They’re nice enough paintings, and certainly a deal for how little they cost, but they’re not exactly in the style of my home decor. So naturally, I got to thinking, maybe a fun thing to do would be to … Read more

The _____ of _____ mentioned in Orlando Weekly!

Wowee!  My old friends published a mention of my book, along with a mini-interview, in this week’s Happytown column! Here’s the relevant portion: Not a day goes by in which someone doesn’t ask, “Hey, Happytown™, whatever happened to that Ask Ian the I.T. Guy? He sure had a nice ponytail.” In an effort to satiate Orlando’s … Read more

Digital designers do battle at Cut&Paste

[flashvideo file=”flash_video/Cut_Paste.flv” /] How do you find out who are the sharpest, most creative designers in the world? With a good, old-fashioned, graphic design battle, of course.  The 2009 Cut & Paste Digital Design Tournament pitted the best graphic designers against one another in a competition like no other.  Armed with state-of-the art computers, designers … Read more