Rationality: From AI to Zombies – Machine Intelligence Research Institute

Weighing in at more than 1,800 pages, it is quite possibly the most complete tome available on how to improve your mind, make better decisions, and understand why people, including yourself, do what they do. I cannot recommend it more strongly. Pay-what-you-want version includes DRM-free epub, mobi, and PDF versions. Also available on Amazon for … Read more

The nice thing about the “Rule of Law” framing for an argument …

… is that it’s a really easy way to get people to ignore thinking about the ramifications and consequences of the particular situation, focusing their attention instead on the general opprobrium for the principle of order. The mind gets caught thinking about whether laws, in theory, are good on the whole, and forget to think … Read more

What’s in a name?

Information about your likely voting preferences, for one. Did you know over 80% of people named Willie vote democrat? Here’s stats on “Ian” You can search for your own name (and do lots of other interesting experiments) here. via Facebook

Scientists are beginning to figure out why conservatives are…conservative

Something I’ve written a little bit about before. From the article: “There is by now evidence from a variety of laboratories around the world using a variety of methodological techniques leading to the virtually inescapable conclusion that the cognitive-motivational styles of leftists and rightists are quite different. This research consistently finds that conservatism is positively … Read more

How’s that Republican “rebranding” going?

So, let’s see what those wacky Republicans have been up to lately.  Surely, they must be fighting for smaller government, personal freedom, and balanced budgets, right?  Let’s take a brief look at what’s happened this week: Republican AG of Virginia wants to outlaw blowjobs North Dakota passes the most restrictive anti-abortion law in the country … Read more

Get your own binder of women, on sale now!

I love this new “binders full of women” meme that sprang up last night. So I’m going to cash in. Order your very own Binder of Women RIGHT NOW! Designed by yours truly, this hilarious joke will never, ever get old. Show your support for diversity in the workplace! Convince your liberal friends that Republicans … Read more