Songs I liked, July 2020

New month, new playlist. Songs which caught my attention in July 2020. Highlights include:– a new single from Squarepusher– a super-sassy song from the Koreatown Oddity– a re-released Prince track from 1979– a 15-min long Tool track. Aren’t they all.– a brand new remix from Tycho, with a distinctly Japanese vibe. 43 songs (wow!), 3 … Read more

Songs I liked, May 2020

It’s been a while since I updated the site with new music you might like. But I recently found an IFTTT automation which will create monthly playlists for me effortlessly, so I’ll try to be a bit more dilligent about getting them posted here in a timely manner. So then, without further ado, my May … Read more

Songs I liked, Mar. 2019

Here’s the second in my series of monthly Spotify playlists with songs that caught my attention for one reason or another the month before. Highlights this month: An extended block of dark synthwave (Gost, Perturbator, Daniel Deluxe) A decent Yelawolf track Quite a bit of lo-fi hip hop instrumentals A couple of new songs from … Read more

Songs I liked, Feb. 2019

Here’s a Spotify playlist of songs that caught my attention in February of 2019. Notable features: New track from Download, and a beautiful song by Phil Western, who unfortunately passed away in February. A new song from Amon Tobin An extended jaunt through the soundtrack of the show Letterkenny, which yielded a surprisingly rich vein … Read more

Cannibal Ox – “Iron Rose” (feat. MF Doom)

New Cannibal Ox track from their upcoming “Blade of the Ronin” album. Featuring MF DOOM, too. Pretty good, I have to say! Purchase “Blade of the Ronin” on iTunes Now: As Vast Aire and Vordul Mega, collectively known as Cannibal Ox, prepare for the release of their highly-anticipated sophomore alb Click here for … Read more