‘Creepy’ Severed Deer Head Display Baffles Visitors to North Side Beach – Rogers Park -…

My neighborhood is weird. A partially decomposed, severed deer head with antlers was found stuck on a bamboo stake — resembling a sort of morbid scarecrow — at Loyola Park Beach Monday. “I was up there on the sand and I thought, ‘What in the heck is that? Is that a real deer head?’ ” … Read more

Crappy taxidermy = great art

This is beautiful. I’m adding this Crappy Taxidermy site to my RSS reader right now. They know exactly what I like.  If only I were a rich man, I could afford this kind of beautiful art for my collection. Alas, one day. And check out the totally sweet throne! I want it!  I want it!

Photos from the International Museum of Surgical Science

Today, Kat and I went to view the wonders on display at the International Museum of Surgical Science, here in Chicago. What an excellent way to spend an afternoon.  They have piles and piles of bonesaws.  Was everybody into amputation back in the olden days? Other highlights — a full recreation of a 19th century … Read more