Get your own binder of women, on sale now!

I love this new “binders full of women” meme that sprang up last night. So I’m going to cash in. Order your very own Binder of Women RIGHT NOW! Designed by yours truly, this hilarious joke will never, ever get old. Show your support for diversity in the workplace! Convince your liberal friends that Republicans … Read more

Try the Bibleizer! Convert your text to 100% Biblical truth!

Well, it only took me 12 months, but I have finally finished the Bibleizer script. It takes arbitrary text as input, and censors every word which doesn’t appear in the King James version of the Holy Bible. Try it yourself now!  Click here!

News Grader: our KNC 2011 entry

So tomorrow is December 1, which is the deadline for entries into the Knight News Challenge, an annual contest for innovative ideas for the intersection of technology and news, funded by the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation. I (along with my buddy Eric Marden) have an entry in this year’s competition.  It’s a … Read more

Like cornhole? Try “Kick My Balls!”

Another diabolical invention. Here in the midwest, there’s a local custom of playing a beanbag-tossing game known as “Cornhole”.  If you ever find yourself in a tailgating situation around here, you’ll see lots of people playing it.  In fact, it’s so popular, there’s even a group called the American Cornhole Association that’ll tell you the … Read more