… when there’s a brand new Two Fingers video released.

You know it’s even better when the video is like a way-more-awesome version of Toy Story 3.

The music is pretty damn good too.  Enjoy.

Kirby Ferguson made the great “Everything is a Remix” series of videos.

Here, he discusses how creativity, in any field, can be seen as a result of remixing.  Via boingboing.

The Groundhog’s Day Blizzard of 2011, in Chicago. Mostly in Rogers Park.

This video is great. I particularly love it that it zeros out in Chicago, just south of the Loop, by Lake Michigan.

Full-screen this baby, and sit back and enjoy.

Note — this was originally posted prior to my web host switch, and was lost somewhere in the transition.  I’m reposting it now. – Ian

Imagine, if you will a rock band.

A rock band who’s existence could be measured in months. A rock band that’s whole repertoire can be counted on one hand, and existed entirely of covers. A rock band that publically performed only once, but who’s single appearance continues to reverberate in the bowels of the internet, and consequently has become legendary.

You’ve just imagined It Ain’t My Baby. I played with this strange band. Of course, I can only play the computer, so I was charged with playing synthesized rhythm guitar (and the occasional special effects). John Prinzo, the drummer of the band, has dug up the ol’ YouTube evidence on his excellent Kisses and Noise blog:

“There are times when music can change your life, change the world even. The Beatles played the rooftop of the Apple Building, then there was Woodstock, and for a while … nothing. Then, on December 19th 2007, the world gaped in amazement as the last walls between the past and the future, between enslavement and liberty, between dogs and cats, between what people considered music before and what was defined that evening were obliterated – forever – by 5 people (rock gods) with a vision…”

Hahaha. Check out his blog for every song we ever played, if you think you can stand it. For now, I’m just going to link to our version of Add It Up by the Violent Femmes:

Once again, a brilliant chop job by Everything is Terrible.  Great job, guys.

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