You know it’s a good day ….

… when there’s a brand new Two Fingers video released. You know it’s even better when the video is like a way-more-awesome version of Toy Story 3. The music is pretty damn good too.  Enjoy.

Creativity theory: Everything is a remix.

Kirby Ferguson made the great “Everything is a Remix” series of videos. Here, he discusses how creativity, in any field, can be seen as a result of remixing.  Via boingboing.

Snowpocalypse Now

The Groundhog’s Day Blizzard of 2011, in Chicago. Mostly in Rogers Park.

Powers of Ten

This video is great. I particularly love it that it zeros out in Chicago, just south of the Loop, by Lake Michigan. Full-screen this baby, and sit back and enjoy.

It Ain’t My Baby, unique among bands

Note — this was originally posted prior to my web host switch, and was lost somewhere in the transition.  I’m reposting it now. – Ian Imagine, if you will a rock band. A rock band who’s existence could be measured in months. A rock band that’s whole repertoire can be counted on one hand, and … Read more

Computers won’t pay your taxes, according to Steve Allen

Once again, a brilliant chop job by Everything is Terrible.  Great job, guys. EMBED-Computability with Steve Allen – Watch more free videos

Chicago police sensitivity training video

This comes my way via Everything is Terrible! Excellent.

YouTube – Goodfellas Peanuts: Funny, How?

Thanks to Brother Doug for this one. YouTube – Goodfellas Peanuts: Funny, How?.

Want to know the best thing about union jobs?

It’s the training videos. Thanks to D. Plotkin for the link.