An open letter to the Texas State Board of Education

Hey there, Texas State Board of Eduction.  It’s come to my attention that you’re concerned about the textbooks that your children are being taught from; specifically, you’re concerned they might demonstrate favoritism towards the religion of Islam, while vilifying the Christian faith. In fact, I hear you’re so concerned, you’ve got a resolution awaiting consideration … Read more

Ways to ensure I will ignore your media.

Here’s a short list of key words that will guarantee I will ignore your TV show, movie, etc. From the producers of ‘Scary Movie’ Tyler Perry’s _________________ From the writers of ‘Two and a half men’ “It will warm your heart” “Just how far would you go to find true love?” “This generation’s (something interesting … Read more

What I’ve learned from hiring my own replacement

As I’ve posted below, I’ve left my position as IT Specialist/Web Developer at Leslie Hindman Auctioneers to start my new gig with the American Bar Association Journal. I made it clear to my outgoing employers that I wanted to do everything I could to make the transition to the next person as seamless and pain-free … Read more

Top 5 reasons why driving in Chicago sucks

  So, for the first year that I lived in the city, I barely drove at all. I literally would go for weeks without so much as looking at my car.  I bought a mere four tanks of gas for the first twelve months that I lived in Chicago. However, since I’ve been needing to … Read more

Seriously, fuck you Domino’s Pizza.

Is there anything more jaded than to use the financial meltdown as a cheesy sales gimmick? I hereby pledge not to do any business with any company that uses the words stimulus, bail-out, or the mainstreet/Wall St. dichotomy as part of their advertising.