Ways to ensure I will ignore your media.

Here’s a short list of key words that will guarantee I will ignore your TV show, movie, etc.

  • From the producers of ‘Scary Movie’
  • Tyler Perry’s _________________
  • From the writers of ‘Two and a half men’
  • “It will warm your heart”
  • “Just how far would you go to find true love?”
  • “This generation’s (something interesting that happened 10 years ago).
  • “The Bible tells us …….”
  • “Starring Kirk Cameron.”
  • “Everybody’s favorite _____________ “

Did I miss some of your favorites?  Let me know in the comments.

3 thoughts on “Ways to ensure I will ignore your media.”

  1. hahahahah Ian, I love your mind. How about anything that markets smiling children or sad puppies? Or any commercial that includes an actor who once climbed out of the commercial-making racket but has seen fallen back in? How about any ANY ANY American beer commercials?

  2. How about
    1. any thing labeled as ‘the MUST SEE event of the…’
    2. anything where the children are smarter than the adults (i.e. the kids educate the parents)
    3. anything with William Shatner

  3. Those are great, Morgan! Jordan — how would you know if a puppy was sad? Or are you talking about those ASPCA commercials with the starving animals? Those are the worst!

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