Every 90’s Commercial Ever

Liquid Slam?! AWESOME! Liquid Slam’s ad campaign for their “Big Game” line of snacks and sugary beverages was pulled almost immediately. Directed by – Dez Dolly Follow: @dezdolly E… Click here for the full article Posted from Facebook

Early Facebook Commercial (1995)

Just mail in your photos. They’ll post them for you. Television commercial for The Facebook from the mid-90s. Click here for the full article Posted from Facebook

Ok, who wants in on my homeopathic ebola vaccine scam? I’m going to be so rich …

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Would You Let a Friend Send Any Text to Any Contact in Your Phone? | Game|Life | WIRED

The game is called “Damage Control”. Who wants to play? David Sparshott Damage control is an excruciating, highly addictive game that among my friends has destroyed relationships, rekindled others, threatened to ruin careers, sparked sexual intrigue, and caused no end of terror and laughter. It is a game for two friends, and best played drunk. … Read more