Crappy taxidermy = great art

Wait a minute, wasn’t Wesley Snipes the Dalmalatian Man? Har har

This is beautiful.

I’m adding this Crappy Taxidermy site to my RSS reader right now.

They know exactly what I like.  If only I were a rich man, I could afford this kind of beautiful art for my collection.

Alas, one day.

And check out the totally sweet throne! I want it!  I want it!

1 thought on “Crappy taxidermy = great art”

  1. i like my analogy of having this sit within the center of a clear glass maze… like that of the yoko ono stucture art exhibit i viewed 7 years ago at the sfmoma… yoko ono created a polymer see large thru plastic maze to walk thru in the center was a toilet… (could be replaced with this wonderful dalManation “art” taxing taxiwormy…

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