I’m hurting for story ideas

I guess today it’s going to be back to the Land of Bridgeport. I’ve only got three story ideas so far, and that just ain’t going to fly when I need to be turning in three stories a week. I’m going to go down to to the South Side again today, and see if I … Read more

I start beat reporting next week

I’ve just finished up the first half of the first quarter of my year at grad school. That means that next week, I begin beat reporting in on the South Side of Chicago, specifically in the Bridgeport neighborhood. My beat is business, so if you happen to have any tips about business happenings in Bridgeport … Read more

Gimme a minute…

Ok, I admit it.  I broke down. For some time now, I’ve been deluding myself into thinking that it was a good idea to host a website from a server at my house. My house, which has a dynamic IP address. My house, which is now in a different state. On a computer that was … Read more