Songs I Liked, June 2023

No playlist for May? No playlist for May. This one is pretty long though, and should make up for it. Highlights include: Give it a listen, see if there’s anything that catches your fancy.

Songs I liked, April 2023

Another month, another playlist. These are the songs that caught my eye last month. Highlights include: Preview here, or listen on Spotify.

Songs I liked, March 2023

cover photo for playlist

Another month, another Spotify playlist to share. March’s was a rather short one, but there’s some fun things to listen to.


Soup Winner.

Ok, so this happened last night. I was watching Soup Nite on Infochammel, like you do on Thursdays, and I correctly guessed the mystery soup, and was named “Soup Master” for the week. If you don’t believe I’m a soup master, there’s video evidence.  Warning, flashing lights and loud noises, so you should really use … Read more

Songs I Liked, February 2023

Another month, another playlist. This one’s fairly short, since it was a short month, but it’s got some good stuff in it. Highlights include:

Songs I liked, January 2023

I haven’t posted one of these for a while, but I have been keeping them going in my Spotify account. I should do a consolidated playlist of everything from last year, while I’m thinking about it. Anywho, these are the songs that caught my attention on Spotify last month.

Meet my newest project: News Mash

News Mash Logo

I just had two weeks of time off from work, and I didn’t travel or do much holiday celebration. What I did do was take the opportunity to work on a little personal project. I created a national news website which writes itself: It was an excellent excuse to learn how to code in … Read more

It has been a long time with no updates.

Autumn time around here now.

I know that there’s every reason to keep this site up to date, but I never seem to find the time. I have been working on a visual refresh of the whole site, along with some improvements to ease the process of keeping things updated. Add to that the recent takeover of Twitter by that … Read more

Songs I liked, November 2020

New month, new playlist. 25 songs, 1hr 44min. Highlights this month: a couple of boss Clipping. tracks. a new cEvin Key single! new Aesop Rock, including stuff from his new album, Spirit World Field Guide. new Run The Jewels single from Cyberpunk 2077 several new things from Tycho. Enjoy!