Are the Yellow Pages more widely-used than Google? Short answer – No.

On a journalism mailing list to which I subscribe, the following claim was made recently: One more thing: the last time I checked, more people used the Yellow Pages as a reference tool than Google. Suffice it to say, I found this claim somewhat unbelievable, since I personally haven’t had a yellow pages book in … Read more

Tweet Map mashup lets you find out what people are saying in your neighborhood

This is a neat little mash-up. Say you want to know what people in your geographic area have to say on a particular subject. It’s trivially easy to find out with this map of tweets by subject. Or, to be more clear, choose a geographic area using the Google map, and then type in a … Read more

No more public calendar galleries from Google :(

So I’m trying to find lists of events relevant to my beat, and I find that just YESTERDAY Google decided to discontinue the public calendar gallery. So much for that research advantage. 2/5/2009 We’ve removed public calendar search and the public calendar gallery. For details, please see: