Another year down.

gemini 4 lyfe, sucka.

Another year has come and gone.

Let’s see, what did I manage to accomplish over the course of my 38th year?

  • I learned some magic tricks.
  • I bought a new car.
  • I learned how to pick locks.
  • I built a pretty respectable horror movie collection.
  • I dabbled with digital painting.
  • I survived the worst winter EVER.
  • I made about 25 gallons of beer.
  • I had a vacation in Orlando.
  • I read a bunch of books.
  • I added a few new oddities to the collection.
  • I saw quite a few great concerts, including Squarepusher, Skinny Puppy, and Negativland.
  • I stepped up my cooking repertoire a couple of notches.

All things considered, not too shabby.  Here’s looking forward to 39.