In addition to the projects below, you can find samples of my web work on my GitHub page.

News Mash

News Mash is software written in Python which runs inside a docker container. The stories it generates are published to a Wordpress website via REST API calls. Every thirty minutes or so, it runs through a loop to collect stories from various news sources. It then analyzes each story using natural language processing to figure out what the story is about, and it compares each story to all the other stories that were also published around the same time. When it finds two stories which are similar enough to conclude they are about the same subjects and events, the software combines the content of the two stories, and then, using additional NLP strategies, extracts only the most important parts of the combined text into a new summary.


Coldreader is a web application which lets the user build customized dashboards to track any sort of information they might be interested in. It uses a data model


Give Bookscanner a barcode or ISBN number, look it up via the OpenLibrary API, and then return you a nice PHP array with relevant details. Works with 10-digit or 13-digit ISBNs. It will happily take input from a text field that has been populated by a standard handheld barcode scanner. It will clean it up … Read more

The Bible-izer 1.0

The Bible-izer is a little programming trifle related to my book, The _____ of the _____ By Means of Natural _____. Basically, it takes any arbitrary text that you feed it, and automatically censors every word that doesn’t appear in the KJV 1611 Holy Bible. So if you ever need to make sure a bit … Read more

Orlando Weekly

Orlandoweekly.com (2001-2008) I worked for many years at Orlando Weekly, an alt-weekly in Central Florida. Their print circulation was about 50,000 weekly, with their website getting something on the order of 200,000 pageviews per month. During that time, we went through five major website redesigns, three systems of content management, and three different advertising systems. … Read more


TheWineBarn.net (2010) This was a project for a brick-and-mortar fine wine retailer who had an existing, but underperforming, ecommerce site and wanted to upgrade to something more modern and extensible. We opted for Drupal 6, and Ubercart 2. The project included setting up and configuring the software, themeing Drupal, and integrating it with an existing … Read more

Leslie Hindman Auctioneers

I worked on lesliehindman.com for about six months during 2010 while I was employed by Leslie Hindman Auctioneers. The site was driven by expressionengine, and I was responsible for maintenance and new development. I worked a good deal with the CMS itself, including templates and themeing, though the design pre-dates my tenure there. While at … Read more

Pulmonary Fibrosis Foundation

Pulmonary Fibrosis Foundation (2011) This is a Drupal 6 website for a Chicago-based, national non-profit medical organization. The site was originally designed around the Zen framework by a different developer. I was brought in to support the site after the original developer became unavailable. I was tasked with making some programmatic changes in Drupal, including … Read more

Instant Closeness

This software is designed to induce feelings of interpersonal closeness between strangers.


Acceler8or(2011-2012) was a site edited and curated by R.U. Sirius, the well-known author, editor, and counterculture scholar.


Randomixer is a trivial little mobile-friendly single-page javascript app that generates various kinds of random input.

ABA Journal

From 2010 until 2016, I was the primary developer for ABAJournal.com.

Below, you will find a gallery of various web projects that I’ve worked on in a variety of capacities. These are mostly from the distant past, and no longer represent my current work, but I’m including them as a historical curiosity. I’ve tried to indicate a little bit about why each project was interesting, and to provide some information about which parts of the project I was responsible for. Click the screenshots for full-size graphics. I’ve tried to provide links to the current versions of these sites, however, many of them have changed substantially since I worked on them.

Understanding Complex Adaptive Systems


I put this site together as part of a Northwestern University graduate journalism class. I was responsible for all design and implementation on the site.

  • Includes a complex adaptive simulator written in Actionscript 3
  • Flash video production and integration, including video editing and audio production
  • Click here for the live site



This is a micro-site I made to promote an album of electronic music I released in 2004, and re-released as a publishing-on-demand version.

Windy City Horror


Another project for a Northwestern grad school class. This is a blog about horror movies and the associated subculture in Chicago.

  • Based on the WordPress content management system
  • Heavily modified open-source theme
  • Now defunct, no live site available.

Orlando Weekly Restaurant Week


A micro-site created for a promotional project of Orlando Weekly.

Click here for the current live site

Fair Districts Florida


A petition and donation collection site for a political cause. HTML forms passed data to a database, then populated a PDF form (including a unique barcode) for the user to print, sign, and mail in. The barcodes were scanned as completed petitions were mailed in.

Most of the design was done by a graphic artist, and I implemented the designs and the logic.

  • Database design (Access ADO)
  • HTML forms
  • Acrobat integration
  • Barcode tracking of completed forms
  • Authorize.net credit card processing integration for donations
  • Click here for current live site



This was a simple site made for a beer distributor in Orlando, Florida. Not very fancy, but it didn’t need to be. One interesting thing about this site is that I developed a custom, super-simple content management system to keep track of brewers and beers which they distributed.

The business was sold several years ago and merged with a larger company, so no link.

My very first weblog(2001)Aww, isn’t that adorable?  It’s like this site’s great-great grandfather!  Back in 2001, weblogs weren’t nearly as ubiquitous as they are these days. I built this site by hand, and I used blogger as a content management system for it. It wasn’t fancy, but it was a learning experience.

Included only as a historical curiosity. This site has been gone for years, so no links, sorry.

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