Orlando Weekly



I worked for many years at Orlando Weekly, an alt-weekly in Central Florida. Their print circulation was about 50,000 weekly, with their website getting something on the order of 200,000 pageviews per month. During that time, we went through five major website redesigns, three systems of content management, and three different advertising systems.

This is a screenshot of what their page looked like in August, 2007, at a time when the design was my work.

I wrote a great deal of software that is still no longer in use at orlandoweekly.com, as well as on sacurrent.com, citypaper.com, and metrotimes.com. (All are  were Times-Shamrock publications.) Coding was done in classic ASP, VBscript, and Javascript, with an MS-SQL database backing it. Some of the functionality I wrote:

  • Message board software
  • Blogging software
  • Comment software
  • Contest & voting software
  • A content management API in object-oriented VBscript

Click here to see their current live site