New Tissue Synthesis Platform Promises Living Tissue on Demand

(Note: This article originally appeared on on July 31, 2012.  It’s republished here for my own archives.) Scientists in Canada have invented a device they claim can print large patches of living tissue. In an article which appears this month in the journal Advanced Materials, Axel Guenther of the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, and … Read more

UCF Today — Former ‘Dr. G’ Cast Member Becomes Nurse

The University of Central Florida (my undergrad alma mater) has some kind words about my little sister, Arden, who’s about to graduate from their nursing program. She’s a real contender in the friendly, familial competition for  who can spend the most time in school, especially since she’s going back in the fall. Monroe-Obermeit’s eight years of … Read more

Health care reform in 25 words or less

This reflects, quite consisely, what I think about health care reform in the US: All of us put our money into a big pot, and when you have medical expenses, you take some money out of the big pot. That—in 25 words—is everything you need to know about health-care insurance. This is no different from … Read more

Artificially intelligent robot scientist makes discovery

Wow, this is awesome.  Some folks in England invented a robot that does science — from hypothesis, to testing, to conclusion — and it actually generated new knowledge autonomously!  Outstanding. “The scientists at Aberystwyth University and the University of Cambridge designed Adam to carry out each stage of the scientific process automatically without the need … Read more