Like it?

Well, I told you I had some neat things in the works, and today, I’m happy to report that, a new website featuring news and original articles about transhumanist and Singularitarian culture, is online and rocking.

The site editor is none other than R.U. Sirius, whom you might remember from his time editing Mondo 2000, or perhaps his collaborations with Timothy Leary, or maybe even from his presidential bid under the banner of The Revolution.

I did the design and implementation of the site, which is based on WordPress, with some rich customizations, and a theme I build from scratch using the Blueprint CSS framework.

Already, there’s articles on the death of music, a new BBC series called All Watched Over By Machines of Loving Grace, and many links to current news of interest to transhumanists, futurists, and technophiles.

I couldn’t be happier with the project, so pay the site a visit, and watch for coming tweaks and improvements as more and more content gets added.

This is kind of interesting.

Back in 1969, when man was first walking on the moon, Pink Floyd were in a BBC television studio, jamming improvisationally. There exists a recording, which has been mashed with some moon landing footage. Behold:

According to David Gilmour:

“At the time, Pink Floyd had been doing rather well. For a while, the band had been somewhat erratic and its reputation was sinking. I joined in 1968, 18 months before the moon landing. By then we were beginning to climb back up again.

It was fantastic to be thinking that we were in there making up a piece of music, while the astronauts were standing on the moon. It doesn’t seem conceivable that that would happen on the BBC nowadays.”

This little tidbit came my way via German-language site