UCF Today — Former ‘Dr. G’ Cast Member Becomes Nurse

Image courtesy of UCF Today

The University of Central Florida (my undergrad alma mater) has some kind words about my little sister, Arden, who’s about to graduate from their nursing program.

She’s a real contender in the friendly, familial competition for  who can spend the most time in school, especially since she’s going back in the fall.

Monroe-Obermeit’s eight years of performing more than 3,000 autopsies and 500 death scene investigations, as well as a life-changing experience with a nurse practitioner, drove her to enroll in UCF’s College of Nursing.

“I saw too many deaths caused by people ignoring their diabetes or their heart conditions,” said Monroe-Obermeit. “In nursing, I absolutely love teaching patients how to avoid becoming a case at the morgue.”

Excellent work, sis!