Information architecture for news websites

CC-licensed image by Samuel Huron. Source - Flickr

Here’s a great series of articles about how to structure and present information on news websites.

The link will take you to the first of a series of seven posts outlining some pretty advanced thinking about content management, the semantic web, and what makes sense for consumers of web content in terms of navigation, metadata, tagging, and how we generally treat information online.

“Each of the four parts (and two addenda) will look at the current state of things, criticize what’s wrong with our websites and what should change, but I’ll also provide a first stab at a solution. We’ve had enough “journalism is in crisis but I don’t know how to get us out either”-type blogposts lately, so I’m not looking to add any verbiage to that pile.”

This link came my way via Brian Boyer, the guy in charge of news apps for the Chicago Tribune.