News Mash

News Mash is software written in Python which runs inside a docker container. The stories it generates are published to a Wordpress website via REST API calls. Every thirty minutes or so, it runs through a loop to collect stories from various news sources. It then analyzes each story using natural language processing to figure out what the story is about, and it compares each story to all the other stories that were also published around the same time. When it finds two stories which are similar enough to conclude they are about the same subjects and events, the software combines the content of the two stories, and then, using additional NLP strategies, extracts only the most important parts of the combined text into a new summary.


Give Bookscanner a barcode or ISBN number, look it up via the OpenLibrary API, and then return you a nice PHP array with relevant details. Works with 10-digit or 13-digit ISBNs. It will happily take input from a text field that has been populated by a standard handheld barcode scanner. It will clean it up … Read more

The Bible-izer 1.0

The Bible-izer is a little programming trifle related to my book, The _____ of the _____ By Means of Natural _____. Basically, it takes any arbitrary text that you feed it, and automatically censors every word that doesn’t appear in the KJV 1611 Holy Bible. So if you ever need to make sure a bit … Read more