So, I’m sure by now you’re aware of the new FX show, American Horror Story. It’s set to begin next week.

Well, FX decided to embark on a viral campaign for the show, using the site  And I signed up with them a while back, to keep up with the project.

And this morning, at my office, a fellow came by and dropped off a package.

“Well,” I thought, “Isn’t that friendly?”  So I opened the box.

And this is what I found inside.  The note is written on a scrap of wallpaper.

That's a ball gag. With a bite taken out of it.

Oh, American Horror Story, now I’m stuck on you.  Your show better be good.

I like tablet form factors, I really do.  I’d love to get one, but they don’t quite make my kind yet.

I need, need, need for there to be a stylus.  I’m a doodler.  Handwriting recognition is also a must.

I need it to be Android 3.1 or higher

An 8″ screen is about optimal, though I’d go down to a 7.  10″ might be too big for my purposes.

It’s got to have GPS sensors, 3G/4G data (unlimited preferred), wifi, NFS, accelerometers, gyro, etc.  I’m of the MOAR SENSORS! school of thought.

Lenovo has almost gotten there, according to this Ars Technica review, but not quite yet.

Soon though.  Soon.