Mysterious lights — cpd 20931 7322

This weekend, twice I have driven north on Lake Shore Drive in Chicago, and approaching downtown from the south, in the skyline, several buildings had offices lit up spelling out a series of messages.

One building read “CPD”. Another read “20932” and “7322”

A google search turns up a Chicago police officer named Joseph M. Airhart, Jr. that was killed in the line of duty. His badge number was 20921.  Another search turns up an officer named Nathaniel Taylor, Jr. with badge number 7322, also apparently killed in the line of duty as well.

But I wonder:

  • Why is this happening now? Airhart and Taylor were killed in 2008.
  • Who’s responsible? CPD? The Police Benevolent League? Someone else?
  • How was it coordinated across several buildings at the same time?
  • How come Google knows nothing about it? Was it a secret or something?

If you happen to know anything about this unusual display, drop me an email or leave a comment here.

4 thoughts on “Mysterious lights — cpd 20931 7322”

  1. You’re correct in that the building lights honor Chicago’s fallen police officers. Three officers were killed since last year’s event, so even though they may have died in 2008, they are honored during the 2009 event. As far as who is responsible, I handle the coordination for the most of the city lighting events. My organization represents the interests of the Chicago commercial office buildings. We also handled the election night lights, 2016 Olympic lights, and just about any other type of lights you see. Building lights are reserved–for the most part–for non-profit/awareness causes and Chicago’s sports teams. I came across your blog as I was looking for photos of the CPD buildings today. If you know of anyone who has shots, please encourage them to post. Thanks.

  2. Wow, awesome! Thanks for the good information!

    And yes, absolutely, if anyone happens to have any photos of this event, please send them along!

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