It has been a long time with no updates.

Autumn time around here now.
It’s autumn around here again. Winter is arriving soon.

I know that there’s every reason to keep this site up to date, but I never seem to find the time. I have been working on a visual refresh of the whole site, along with some improvements to ease the process of keeping things updated.

Add to that the recent takeover of Twitter by that rich asshole Elon Musk, and the fact that Facebook has become a cess pool of non-stop deceptive advertising, and I’ve got some motivation to make this the home base for my posts about stuff once again. Maybe I’ll share it out a little on the socials, but I’m definitely trying to wean myself off them a bit.

Anywho, have another look around. You might find some new stuff or stuff you missed the last time you were here. Hopefully I’ll keep up better from now on.