ISIS Claims to Have Beheaded Captive American

So, I didn’t know James Foley personally, but he and I had some friends in common. He graduated from the same journalism program as I did, just before I started.

His public execution by Islamic fundamentalists is yet another glaring example of the harms that religion does to the world. The animals who killed this man did so because of their religion and their ignorance. Because fundamentalism closed their minds, and convinced them their hatred was a virtue. They killed this man, not because he had committed some crime or threatened their lives or property, but just to MAKE A POINT.

Don’t try to tell me religion is harmless. It is actively poisonous, and it will continue to kill us like a disease for as long as we agree to let it. Fundamentalism, of every kind, is a toxic psychological plague.

A video purporting to show the beheading of James Foley, an American freelance journalist abducted two years ago in Syria, was posted by ISIS.

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