IDM Web App Starter Kit

Ian’s All-Purpose PHP Web App Starter Framework

Use this document as a way to quick start any new project.

Built in stuff:

  • Bootstrap CSS and Javascripts (Version 2.3.1), both mini-fied and normal.
  • Responsive design, right out of the gate, thanks to Bootstrap.
  • The newest jQuery library, pulled from the jQuery CDN.
  • A handy config class, built on the singleton pattern for low resource usage.
  • Support for multiple database flavors, via PHP 5.3 PDO functionality.
  • Baked-in support for Google Analytics.
  • Baked-in user authorization using Mozilla Persona.
  • A single index file for all functions. Views for individual pages are in /views/.
  • The SwiftMailer 5.0.0 library is included, plus a bonus wrapper class that leverages encrypted SMTP through Gmail.
  • Built-in classes for basic user management and role-based permissions.
  • A simple templating setup. Feel free to use it, or not.
  • A rational directory structure ready to go.
  • Abstracted-out CSS and Javascript includes, to make sure your files stay pretty.
  • Easy to set up MVC, OOP, or hybrid, depending on your coding preferences and style.
  • A basic CRUD generator. Feed it database tables, and it will output you models, controllers, and basic views, along with a very simple admin interface automatically. It lives at /util/crud_factory.php. You have to be logged in to access it.

What it doesn’t have:

  • jQuery UI, jQuery Mobile, etc. Easily added via the javascript/CSS includes (look in /system/javascripts.php and /system/css.php)
  • Any documentation. I’ve made this for my own projects, at this point. I may produce some docs in the future, if they’re warranted.

This is basically a starting point for look and feel. The code is up to you.

Version 1.2 beta

Last Revision — 7/09/2013

By Ian Monroe (

Get in touch, if you use it!


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