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Videos produced for the ABA Journal

Biloxi Blues: Access to Justice for victims of Hurricane Katrina:

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Talks Opera:

Free Online Research Tools for Lawyers:

ABA President Laurel Bellows on Human Trafficking:

Interview with David Yellen, dean of Loyola University of Chicago School of Law:

Being Abe Lincoln:

ABA Journal — Legal Rebels:

Civics quiz — Man on the street:


Older Works

Back in the days of VHS, when I was in high school, I used to make little films that have unfortunately been lost to the ages. I actually even won an award for one of them (in a high school video competition). I wish I still had copies, but alas, they’ve faded in to non-existence.

What I DO have, however, are some of the videos that I made during the course of my master’s work at the Medill School of Journalism. So, there you go. Here are some examples.

South Side St. Patrick’s Day Parade:
[flashvideo file=”flash_video/st.pats.flv” /]

Nano-writing leaves a very small impression:
[flashvideo file=”flash_video/NANOFAB.flv” /]

Interview with co-director of The Blair Witch Project, Eduardo Sanchez:
[flashvideo file=”flash_video/edSanchezInterview.flv” /]

How to make some fake blood:
[flashvideo file=”flash_video/fakeblood.flv” /]

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