Nov 11 2015

Fast food on Howard Street

Oct 01 2015

I got a mystery box as a housewarming gift.

Well now this might be the most interesting housewarming gift I’ve ever gotten. Should I open it? What would you do? It comes from a really shady source…

Sep 30 2015

My new backyard.

Sep 28 2015

So, I usually expect to find some spare change while packing to move …

… but I think this is probably a personal best.
At some point, more than 3.5 years ago, Past Ian rolled up a bunch of change and then forgot about it completely. All told, I think I probably have found >$100 while packing my stuff today.

Sep 18 2015

True story.

Sep 17 2015

Horror movie taxonomy

I mean … this taxonomy makes decent sense, but some examples seem misfiled–like Martyrs, for instance, I might file under “French Extremity” rather than “fanaticism,” right?

Sep 13 2015

No sunday family dinner tonight, so just cooking for one.

Aug 21 2015

Chicago Is ….

An outstanding video from 1977 promoting tourism in Chicago.  Posted by the Chicago Film Archives.  Dig it.

Aug 13 2015

Aug 06 2015

Well hell, looks like I have to stop at the shoe store on the way to work.